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Manage and sell access to your Discord community.

Discord Product Preview

Selling access to Discord roles and Discord servers has never been easier using Whop. Manage customers, automatically add customers to your server, automatically give roles, remove freeloaders, and so much more.

Creating a Discord perk

To start selling access to a Discord role, create a new product and add a Discord perk to it by selecting ‘Discord roles’ in the what’s included pop-up.

Once you have connected your Discord server and moved the Whop bot above the role you want to provide access to, go to ‘Discord roles’ again and select the ‘+’ button next to the role you want to provide.

Discord Product Preview

Once added, add a pricing option to your product.

Discord FAQ

Can I customize the action that takes place when someones subscription gets cancelled?

Yes, when a subscription gets cancelled for a Discord perk you can customize the action that occurs. This can be done by selecting the ‘Pencil’ icon next to the perk and selecting from any of the three actions; ‘Remove all roles’, ‘Remove all given roles (default)’, ‘Kick from server’ or ‘No action’.

Can I create a role that customers receive when their payment is overdue?

Yes, navigate to the ‘Settings’ page and select the ‘Discord’ tab. Then select the role you want customers to receive from the drop down when their payment goes past due.

Can I receive notifications in my Discord whenever a new user joins or a customer cancels their subscription?

Yes, navigate to the ‘Settings’ page and select the ‘Discord’ tab. Then select the channel you want notification webhooks sent to. If no channels show up - move the Whop bot higher in your role hierarchy and enable webhooks.

I just added a new channel to my Discord but can’t see it in Whop settings?

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ page and select the ‘Discord’ tab. Then scroll down and select ‘Refetch Channels’.

What do I do if my Discord gets banned?

Please contact our staff immediately. We will assist you setting up a new server and transferring all of your existing customers and products over, so you can proceed with business as usual

If a customer somehow losses access to their Discord roles, how can I give access back to them?

Please navigate to the ‘Customers’ page and search for the customer you want to add back to the Discord. Once on the desired users, click the ‘dots’ on the product you want to reallocate and select ‘Re-add Discord roles’

I just added a new Role, why isn’t it showing up as a perk?

To refresh the available Discord roles, navigate to the ‘Products’ page, select the product you’d like to edit, and select ‘Add Perk’. Next, go to the ‘Discord roles’ tab and press the ‘Refresh roles’ button.

Is there a way to remove freeloaders in my Discord?

Yes, we have built an app specifically for this. Navigate to the ‘Apps’ tab and select ‘Discord freeloaders’.

Here, you will be able to filter, scan for, and remove anyone who may be freeloading your product, within your Discord.