User Feedback

Review all of your feedback and cancellation reasons in one place

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Understanding your customers and seeing where you can improve your product has never been easier. Within the Feedback tab, you’re able to access all of the reviews your product has received, as well as, cancellation reasons as to why a user may have cancelled their subscription.


The reviews you see within the ‘Feedback’ tab are all vetted by the Whop team for quality assurance and to ensure you aren’t spammed by trolls. This process takes no more than 72 hours and once a review has been vetted by the team, it will show up on your associated product page and you will be able to filter through both the positive and negative reviews you have received.

Cancellation reasons

When a customer cancels their subscription, they are presented with a pop-up which enables them to highlight the reason why they are cancelling. This information is incredibly valuable for when you want to attempt to ‘win’ that customer back. Below you can see what our standardized pop-up looks like.

User feedback FAQ

Can I set my own custom cancellation reasons?

No, you are unable to set your own cancellation reasons.