Whop has different fees depending on if Whop acts as the Merchant of Record (MoR) for your business or if you choose to use Stripe for your payments. If you have not heard of MoR you can skip this part, as MoR is only beneficial for countries that have VAT taxes (EU & UK). All fees are automatically deducted from your final credit.

Let’s break down our fees:

  1. When Whop is the Merchant of Record (MoR) on card payments, Whop charges a flat fee of 4.5% + 40 cents.
  2. If you choose to integrate your own payments processor such as Stripe, Whop simply charges 3% flat.
  3. For Coinbase commerce, Whop we take a 3% flat fee.
  4. If a customer buyers from the Whop marketplace, we will take a 30% fee on that transaction. This is because Whop is technically acting as an affiliate and generated that sale for your company. We determine whether this sale was a marketplace sale or not by the URL the customer checks out via - https://whop.com/marketplace/your-company-name. Please note that none of your normal sales are subject to this fee, only marketplace sales.

Simplified breakdown:

Stripe Integration3% + Stripe fees
Whop Payments (MoR)4.5% + 40 cents
Coinbase Commerce3%
PayPal3% + PayPal fees
Whop Marketplace Sales30%

If you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out to us on our Discord or email us at support@whop.com