User feedback

Review all of your users feedback and cancellation reasons in one place.

Gaining insights into your customer base and pinpointing areas for improvements has never been easier. Within the Operations tab, you'll be able to see reviews, cancellation reasons about your whop.


On the 'Reviews' page, you'll see feedback from your users, vetted by the Whop team to maintain quality standards and prevent spamming. The review vetting process typically concludes within 24 hours. Once approved, reviews will be shown on your store page, allowing you to navigate and respond to feedback.


Questions submitted by users on your store page are shown on the 'Questions' page for your review. From here, you have the flexibility to choose whether to respond publicly or privately, or opt to ignore the question. Public responses offer transparency, enabling all users to view questions and answers.

Cancellation reasons

Upon canceling their subscription, users are prompted with a pop-up to share the reasons behind their cancelation. User feedback provides you with insights to re-engage with the user. Below, you'll find an example of our standardized cancellation pop-up.

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