Learn more about how Whop's marketplace algorithm works.


Being on the charts of our marketplace is invaluable and showcases the best of the best companies Whop has to offer. For companies looking to start ranking and climbing the charts, it’s essential to consider how Whop’s algorithm determines where companies rank. Below we break down the mechanisms we use to rank companies.

Top Trending

The ‘Top Trending’ chart showcases the best companies on Whop. They are the companies that have proven to have the best products available, and we use the following factors to determine which companies to show and where companies rank:

  • Number of purchases
  • Number of positive reviews
  • Active memberships
  • Membership churn rate

Our ‘Top Charts’ showcase the most successful companies on Whop in the last 30 days. Companies get ranked by their MRR (Monthly recurring revenue).

Top Rated

  • Our ‘Top Rated’ chart showcases companies with the most reviews. Companies get ranked by the number of published reviews on their product page.

Free Trials

  • Our ‘Free Trials’ chart showcases the top free trial companies on the marketplace. Companies get ranked by the number of active paid members they have.

Search results

Beyond our charts, Whop also uses algorithms to display products when customers browse a specific category or use filters. By default, the search results will showcase our ‘Best sellers.’

Best Sellers:

The ‘Best sellers’ filter sorts from highest to lowest MRR (Monthly recurring revenue).

Price: Low to High / Price: High to Low:

Companies will are sorted based on their displayed price when the marketplace is toggled between low-to-high or high-to-low filters.

Highest Rated:

When the marketplace gets toggled to ‘Highest Rated,’ companies are sorted based on the number of reviews and the average rating for each review. This means that the more reviews you have and the higher your average rating, the higher your company gets displayed.

Newest Arrivals:

When the marketplace is toggled to ‘Newest Arrivals, ’ companies will be displayed based on how recently they were approved to the marketplace.

Trending products

Front and center of are ‘Trending Products’; whether or not a product is trending is based on whoever has the highest growth rate based on new paid memberships in a given day.

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