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Manage and sell access to your Discord community.

Selling access to Discord roles and Discord servers has never been easier using Whop. Manage users, automatically add users to your server, automatically give roles, remove freeloaders, and so much more.

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Adding a Discord app

To start selling access to a Discord role, head to the App Store and add the Discord app.

Once you have connected your Discord server and moved the Whop bot above the role you want to provide access to, go to ‘Discord roles’ again and select the ‘+’ button next to the role you want to provide.

Discord FAQ

Can I customize the action that occurs when someone's subscription is canceled?

  • Certainly! You have the flexibility to personalize the response when a subscription is canceled for your Discord app. Simply head to the ‘Settings’ tab of your Discord app. From there, under cancellation actions, you’ll find options such as ‘Remove all roles’, ‘Remove all assigned roles (default)’, ‘Kick from server’, or ‘No action’.

Is it possible to create a role for users when their payment is overdue?

  • Absolutely. Head to the ‘Settings’ page of your Discord app, then select the role you wish users to receive using the ‘+Select Role’ button when their payment goes overdue.

Can I receive notifications in Discord whenever a new user joins or a users cancels their subscription?

  • Yes, you can. Simply navigate to the ‘Settings’ page of your Discord app, and select the channel to which you'd like notification webhooks sent. If you don't see any channels listed, try elevating the Whop bot in your role hierarchy and ensure webhooks are enabled.

I've added a new channel to my Discord, but it's not appearing in Whop settings. What should I do?

  • Head to the ‘Settings’ tab of your Discord app and click the ‘Add channel’ button. Then, select ‘Refetch channels’ to update the channel list.

What should I do if my Discord gets banned?

  • Please reach out to our staff immediately. We'll help you set up a new server and transfer all your existing users and products, ensuring you can continue business as usual.

If a user loses access to their Discord roles, how can I restore their access?

  • Navigate to the ‘Users’ page, locate the user in question, and click on their profile. From there, click the ‘dots’ on the product you wish to reassign, then select ‘Re-add Discord roles’.

I've added a new Role, but it's not showing up as a perk. How can I fix this?

  • To update the available Discord roles, head to the ‘Roles’ tab of your Discord app, and click on the ‘Refetch roles’ button.

💡 Looking for more help? Reach-out to our 24/7 live chat support team here.