Quick Actions

Streamline completing important tasks within your whop.

Whop’s quick actions highlight important tasks that need to pay attention to. On the home page, you will be able to see 8 different quick actions:

  • New users - when someone buys your whop
  • Churned users - when someone cancels a renewing subscription
  • New waitlist entries - when someone enters a waitlist you have made
  • New raffle entries - when someone enters a raffle you have made
  • New affiliate referrals- when one of your affiliates refers a new customer
  • New marketplace reviews - when a new marketplace review is added to your product
  • New disputes - when you receive a new dispute
  • New resolution center cases - when someone opens a new case

Each one of these actions, will redirect you to a different part of the dashboard and prompt you to take action. An example of this is ‘New disputes’, which will take you to the ‘Disputes’ page, where you can submit documentation to fight a dispute you may have received.

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