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Manage and sell access to your Telegram channel.

Whop enables creatorss to sell direct access to their Telegram channels. Manage members, simplify the purchase & joining process, remove freeloaders, and more.

To get started selling access to Telegram, head here.

Adding a Telegram app

To start selling access to your Telegram channel or group, head to the App Store and add the Telegram app.

You will be required to add the ‘Whop Bot’ as an admin to the desired Telegram channel or group you want your purchasers to access - the Whop bot can be searched and added as shown below.

Once the Whop bot is in your Telegram, you will need to generate a code that verifies that you are indeed the owner of the Whop company. Once generated, paste this into your Telegram chat.

Telegram FAQ

Can I sell access to multiple Telegram channels at the same time?

  • Yes, you can sell access to multiple channels. You can even make it, so a single membership gives a purchaser access to more than one channel.

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