Creating your whop

Starting your own whop is simple, if you haven’t gone through the initial onboarding steps please sign up below.

Sign up for Whop

Initial onboarding

Once onboarding is started, you will be prompted to name your whop and pick your niche. Don't worry, you can change niche and name at anytime.

Now that you've completed the initial onboarding process - Congratulations, you've successfully created your whop! Within your whop, you can customize your products, apps, and store page. For a detailed overview of our features, feel free to navigate to the features section.

Adding your first app

An app is empowers you as a creator to monetize your product. These apps encompass a broad array of experiences, ranging from native apps developed by Whop to third-party apps crafted by developers external to the Whop team. They serve as vehicles for delivering hyper-targeted experiences tailored to individual needs, elevating user experience.

To add your first app, navigate to the ‘Add apps’ button. Scroll through our ‘App Store’ to find the perfect app for your product. Once you find it, give the purple ‘Add app’ button a click to add it to your hub.

Creating your first product

To kickstart your product creation, simply navigate to your app and click on the 'Access' option located in the tab bar at the top of the page. Within the Access tab, you'll find a range of customization options including:

  • Name of your product
  • Pricing options (Subscription, Single payment, Free)
  • Payment settings (PayPal, Coinbase, Free trials)
  • Visibility settings (Public, Hidden, Password)
  • Advanced settings (stock, link suffixes, limited purchases)

Customizing your store page

Now that you've finalized your first product, it's time to set up your store page. Your store page serves as the gateway for customers eager to explore and purchase your offerings. Here's what you can accomplish on your store page:

  • Personalize your store page name
  • Customize your store page URL
  • Craft a compelling tagline
  • Select relevant categories
  • Incorporate tags pertinent to your product
  • Highlight key features of your product
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions
  • Showcase captivating images related to your product
  • Toggle stock availability display
  • Include creator details such as name, logo, bio, and social links

We highly recommend completing these steps to optimize your store page. For a comprehensive guide, please refer to our marketplace listing requirements here.

💡 Looking for more help? Reach-out to our 24/7 live chat support team here.