Have potential customers join a waiting list to get access to your product

Waitlist Header

Use Whop’s waitlist functionality to collect payments and the emails of customers waiting to get access to your product. Customers payment details are authorized when they join, so when they’re waitlist entry gets accepted they are automatically charged and given access to your product programatically. In addition, you will be able to manage all of your waitlists through the ‘Waitlists’ tab on your dashboard - which only shows up once you have created a waitlist option.

Creating a waitlist

The first step in creating a waitlist is to select the product you want customers to get access to once they have been accepted off of the waitlist. To do this simply go to the product you want to make a waitlist for, select the three dots (…), and hit ‘Add pricing option’. From there, navigate to ‘Release’ and toggle on ‘Waitlist’. All of the same customizations for normal purchases can be applied to waitlists as well.

Creating Waitlist Demo

Please note that when you are creating a waitlist for your product, you need to add a new pricing option as you cannot turn an existing pricing plan into a waitlist.

Waitlist tab

Once you have created your waitlist, you will be able to see all of your live, hidden, and archived waitlists from the ‘Waitlists’ tab. Within the waitlist tab you can also do the following;

  • Admit customers from your waitlist
  • Export entries for your waitlist
  • Edit the joining requirements, visibility, and advanced settings of your waitlist
  • Archive and hide waitlist options
  • Expand details of each waitlist entry

Waitlist FAQ

How will a customer know they have been moved off the waitlist?

Customers will be notified that they have been moved off of a waitlist via an Email confirmation, additionally, their orders will be updated to show their waitlist admission has been accepted.