Fight any disputes automatically

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Fighting a dispute can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Thankfully, Whop’s ‘Dispute Fighter’ makes the process of fighting a dispute much easier. Whop’s ‘Dispute Fighter’ automates the process of uploading legal documents and customer purchase logs in seconds, and gives you the highest likely hood of winning the dispute.

If you have an open dispute, navigate to the Payments tab, select Disputes, click on View Details, and submit the required documentation to Stripe. From the Disputes dashboard, you can also track the progress of your dispute(s), and the outcome of your submission.

Disputes Fighter

You can review Stripe’s documentation and further information on this process here.

Dispute tips

There is no guaranteed method to winning disputes. However, you can increase your odds. Here are our tips for enhancing your submission.

Proving screenshots of the user being active in your server or using your product.

  • Providing screenshots of the user being active in your server or using your product is an effective way to increase your chances of winning disputes. You can provide screenshots of the user’s activity in your discord or using your product as proof that they were aware of their membership and are currently taking advantage of it.

Showing proof of your TOS and Refund policy posted

  • Upload your Terms of Service and Refund Policy under the Settings tab here. These will be included for customers to access at the bottom of the checkout page. This is another important step in ensuring that your documentation is up to date and can be used to fight each of your disputes.

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