Notification events that alert consumers

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Whop sends your customers automatic notifications for key actions and upcoming payment dates to increase consumer retention rates. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of our notifications:

EventNotificationSent When
Payment FailedEmail & Discord DMWhen a Stripe invoice comes in that failed to charge
Crypto Payment FailedEmail & Discord DM- When a crypto payment fails
- Notification will say whether or not to update their wallet balance or allowance
Membership ExpiredEmail & Discord DMWhen a membership’s status changes from completed to expired and the membership is still renewable (ex. inside of grace period days)
Upcoming ExpirationEmail & Discord DMSends the notification to all memberships with a completed status on a one time, refillable plan three days before expiry.
Additional Free DaysEmail & Discord DMAnytime free days are added to a user’s membership via the Whop Business dashboard.
Upcoming RenewalEmailSends the notification to all active or trialing memberships on renewal plans where cancel at period end is false 24 hours before the renewal period end.
Order ConfirmationEmailWhen a user completes a successful checkout for a membership from a plan.
Waitlist ApprovedEmailWhenever a customer's waitlist entry is a approved
Raffle WinnerEmailWhenever a customer wins a raffle

Emails are sent four times and Discord DMs are sent two times, before both halt.

Additional Discord email

For customers buying Discord access, if they have not linked their Discord account - Whop will automatically notify the customer via Email that they need to connect their Discord account after purchase.

The email address we will send a notification to, will be the same email address that the customer used to purchase your product during checkout.

The email will be sent after during the following time intervals;

  • 3 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 7 days