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Using Whop, you’ll have access to everything you need to create and sell your online course. Design your course, edit your course lessons, manage your customers, bundle additional content into your course, and more.

Creating a course product

To start selling your course, you must create a new product on the Whop dashboard by selecting ‘Courses’ in the ‘What’s included?’ pop-up.

Creating a course product

Once selected, you will be redirected to, our specialized course website, where you can start editing and managing your first course.

Adding your first course

To add your first course, go to the ‘Manage Courses’ tab and select ‘New’. Here you can edit the basic details of your course - title, description, and cover image.

Adding a course

It’s important to note that your company title, description, logo, and header image can only be edited on the Whop dashboard.

Create your course layout

With all your initial branding added, it’s time to build out your course’s lessons and upload content. Chapters are groups of lessons - You will be able to edit both the amount of chapters and lessons your course has and additionally:

  • Reorder lessons and chapters
  • Delete lessons and chapters
  • Rename your chapters

When you want to edit and upload content to your lessons, it’s as simple as clicking into the designed lesson and adding your content. Within lessons, you may add three types of content: Video content, text content, and files. PDFs and other types of files can be uploaded to your course under the section labeled “Lesson Files” and will be viewable below the main content of your lesson.

Uploading or editing content

Viewing experience

When viewing a course on Whop, the following functions have been implemented to make the course viewing experience intuitive and simplistic:

  1. Navigation - Viewers will be able to navigate through lessons using the sidebar, or the buttons on the bottom row of the content window
  2. Marking Progress - Viewers will be able to mark a lesson complete and see progression bars for both their progress within a single chapter and the entirety of the course.
  3. Duration - Customers will be able to see the estimated amount of time your content will take to finish - this time is inclusive of both video and text content

Viewing experience

Courses FAQ

How can I toggle the visibility of my course?

You can change your course's visibility by toggling the course to 'Draft' or 'Published' in the 'Manage Courses' tab. Please note that you can edit a course once published, and it must contain at least one lesson for a course to be published.