Promo Codes

Give discounts to your products.

Promo Codes Header

Promo codes enable customers to get a discount for your product on check-out.

Creating promo codes

The steps to create your first promo code are as follows;

  1. Navigate to promo codes tab on the left side of the dash
  2. Select ‘New promo code
  3. Customize your promo code and select ‘Save

Promo Codes Demo

Once on the promo codes page you will be able to customize the following attributes;

  1. Name of the promo code
  2. Percentage off or amount off on your product
  3. Which products your promo code applies to
  4. Duration the promo code lasts for
  5. Whether you want new or old customers to use your promo code
  6. How many uses your promo code has before expiry

Promo code FAQ

Can someone with an existing subscription apply a promo code?

No, someone with an existing subscription cannot apply a promo code.

Can promo codes be applied to affiliate links?

Yes, when a customer is on checkout for your product via an affiliate link, they have the option to apply a promo code to their purchase.