Creating your company

Starting your company on Whop is simple, if you haven’t gone through the initial onboarding steps please sign up below.

Sign up for Whop

Initial onboarding

Starting the onboarding process, you will be prompted to name your company and connect your Twitter account (optional). Your company name should match the product you are selling - here is an example.

Company Name: Grammarly
Twitter: Grammarly

Next, you are asked to select the type of digital product you are selling. You can always change the option you choose at a later stage. Here are the options we have:

  • Discord Server
  • SaaS / Web App
  • Templates
  • Desktop Software
  • Files

The final step in the initial onboarding process is to choose both a company logo and a business slogan. Your slogan is a 30 character snippet of text that represents what you are selling and will be showcased on the Whop marketplace.

Initial Onboarding

Creating your first product

Now that you have finalized the initial onboarding - Congratulations, you have made it to the Whop dashboard. On the Whop dashboard you are able to customize all things relating to your product and how you operate your business. For a more comprehensive breakdown of our features, skip ahead to the features section of our documentation.

To create your first product, navigate to the ‘Products’ tab or simply select ‘Setup Product’. On the product page, you will be able to customize:

  • What the customer gets after purchase (Discord access, software access, a template, a file, or all combined)
  • Pricing option (One-time payment, recurring payment, crypto payment, a waitlist and much more)
  • Product description

Choose what you are selling

When creating your first product, you need to determine what perks your customer gets after they have purchased your product. The current options on Whop are as follows:

You can add multiple of these perks at once. To learn more about Discord roles and Web App integration, click on the attached links.

Adding Perks

Adding a pricing option

Once you have connected your perks, you will be able to select how you want to price your product. On the pop-up you will be able to select from:

  • Cost
  • Type of payment (Recurring, one-time or free)

Additionally, you can customize the following:

  • Release - How your product is distributed (Buy now, Raffle or Waitlist)
  • Visibility - Who can access your product (Public, secret link or secret code)
  • Advanced - Niche additions to your pricing option

Add Pricing Option

Adding a product description

The last step to building out your first product is to add a product description. This will assist your customers in understanding what you are offering and is a great way to provide additional insights.

Customizing your product page

Now that you have finalized your first product, you will now be able to access the ‘Product page’ tab. Your product page is where you will be able to send customers who are looking to buy your product and learn. More specifically on your product page you can:

  • Show case images relevant to your product
  • Add multiple pricing options
  • Add multiple products
  • Add a product slogan
  • Choose your product(s) category
  • Add FAQ questions about your product
  • Add your social links
  • Add reviews and testimonials

We highly suggest that you do all of these. For a more cohesive guide please check out our requirements to be listed on the marketplace here.

Creating your store page

Now that you have finalized your first product page, you can add additional product pages as shown in the Gif below. Doing this will unlock the ‘Store page’ tab where you can customize your own personal store to showcase all of your offerings.

An example of a store page can be seen below:

Store Page Example

Customizing your store page

On your store page you can customize the following:

  • Store page slogan
  • Store page image and logo
  • Social links

This can all be done from the ‘Settings’ tab on your dashboard.