Manage and sell access to your TradingView indicators.


It is important to note that TradingView has no public API - therefore everything is done using a cookie. You assume all the risk when allowing Whop to automate your account. If you delete a TradingView account, we do not un-fulfill the members from their experiences.

First you must get your cookie from the TradingView website while logged in. This allows Whop to access your account and indicators. To do this right click anywhere on the page, press "Inspect", click "Application" on the top of the menu, select the subcategory "Cookies". You will need to save both "sessionid" and "sessionid_sign" for later. Getting cookie

Create a TradingView Perk

To start selling access to Tradingview, create a new product and add a TradingView perk to it by selecting 'TradingView' in the what's included pop-up. Paste the sessionid cookie that you got from step one in the first input, and the sessionid_sign cookie in the second input. Indicators will be loaded automatically, pulling the name of the indicator as it’s set on TradingView - from here all that’s left is assigning the experiences to the product and selling! You can find our guide on creating a product page here. Create a TradingView perk

Managing your TradingView

Because TradingView does not offer a public API, Whop is limited in how much can be managed automatically. In some cases, when we cannot manage something on our end, we will send you an email and a Discord DM to notify you (if you have a Discord tied to your Whop account). Examples of this are:

  • When your cookie is invalidated or expires
  • When Whop tries to un-fulfill a user's experience and we find that their username has changed (meaning we cannot remove them)

If you ever add/remove indicators, Whop will not update your products to match. You can manually trigger this process on the Whop dashboard, which will go through and add any new indicators automatically (or remove deleted indicators). If you ever need to refetch/update your indicators from TradingView you can do so here: Refetch indicators

Whop will add any new customers to your indicator automatically - but if you have previous customers not-fulfilled, you can save them some time and mass-fulfill all of your users TradingView memberships. This will go through all valid memberships and attempt to add them to your indicator.

Your TradingView cookie is similar to an API key, authorizing Whop to communicate with TradingView. If your cookie ever expires or becomes invalid, you will need to log back into TradingView and get a fresh cookie. Once you've grabbed your new cookie, you can put a new one in here: Update accounts

Right now Whop allows you to link one TradingView account to your company at a time. If you ever decide you want to change accounts, you can delete your original TradingView account and then connect the new account as you normally would. You can delete a TradingView account from your dashboard by clicking the delete button here: Delete account