Getting Paid

Get paid for your digital products

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Whop makes it super easy for you to get paid for whatever digital product you’re selling! We offer multiple ways to accept payment, such as credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and crypto-based payments. This allows your customers to have maximum flexibility when purchasing your product and makes it super smooth for you to receive your funds.

Whop payments

In order to process card payments and payout businesses, we have partnered with Stripe. Using Whop Payments, you can easily sign up and connect your bank account to start selling on Whop. All payouts are made via Stripe through ACH and paid out in the currency your customers pay in. Additionally, you can fully customize the timeframe and day you get paid on, whether it’s everyday, every week, every month or every Thursday, it is fully in your control. If your country is one where VAT applies (EU & UK), you can apply for Whop to be your MoR.

On Whop, we alternatively offer company owners looking to use Stripe the ability to connect their existing Stripe account (Stripe standard).

Stripe integration

Using your existing Stripe account is an incredibly simple process. Once you have finished onboarding simply select ‘Get started’, here you will be redirected to your product page where you can ‘Add payout method’. From here, select the country your business resides in, this will cause the option for you to ‘use an existing Stripe account’ to pop-up. This will redirect you to Stripe where you can follow their onboarding flow to get you started and connect your pre-existing account.

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Tipalti & Paypal payouts

If the country you or your business resides in is not supported by Stripe we offer alternative payout options. Integrating with Whop, you can be paid out directly by our payout provider Tipalti. Tipalti enables you to withdraw your funds via PayPal, ACH, or eCheck. Find out more about how you can withdraw your funds here.

Crypto payouts

With Whop, you can accept ETH straight to your ERC20 wallet. You’ll be able to deploy a wallet straight from the Whop dashboard and all payments will go straight into the wallet at the time of purchase. It’s as easy as that! In addition, we also provide support through Coinbase Commerce. Learn more about all of our Crypto payments here.