Checkout Links

Send a customer straight to purchase.

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Whop checkout links enable customers to skip the product page and go directly to purchase. Checkout links have minimal Whop branding and can be used for multiple different reasons. Here are our two favorites;

Adding Whop to your own website

Custom check-out links are perfect if you are looking for customers to purchase straight from your own website. On your buy now button on your site when a user clicks the buy now button, the checkout link will redirect the customer straight to your checkout page and users will assume they’re still on the same platform. You can see an example checkout page here

Checkout Links Example

Invoicing and collecting payments

Posting a checkout link is the easiest way to collect payments. Whether you are a contractor sending a checkout link as an invoice for service work you have done, or are in the middle of a conversation with a potential customer and want them to convert right away. Checkout links skip the bulls*it.

Creating a checkout link is simple. Here’s how you do it;

  1. Navigate to the ‘Products’ tab on your dashboard
  2. Select the product which you want to generate a checkout link for
  3. Select the link icon next to the desired pricing option you want to have a checkout link for.
  4. Paste and share your link anywhere on the internet

Creating Checkout Links Demo

If you’d like users to get automatically redirected to a different website after their purchase is successful, you can add an onSuccess parameter to the end of your checkout URL such as to redirect to Apple after purchase. Alternatively, you can set it up by following the below:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ page, and click on the ‘Checkout’ tab
  2. Toggle on ‘Redirect link
  3. Paste in the link you want customers to go to after purchase

Setting Redirect Link

Can I have multiple redirect links?

No, at this stage you can only have one link customers are redirected to. In the near future we plan to make this system more robust.