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At Whop, we understand the importance of clear and efficient communication, especially when it comes to solving issues between our merchants and their customers. We're thrilled to introduce the Resolution Center - an essential feature designed to simplify dispute resolutions and maintain the integrity of your transactions. The goal of the resolution center is to increase buyer trust, protect seller reputation, and catch potential disagreements before they are escalated to a customers issuing bank.

How Does the Resolution Center Work?

Opening a Case

When a customer experiences an issue, they can open a claim through their My Orders page by selecting the "Open a case" button.

The customer can then specify the issue type, add a description for why they are opening the claim, and they can upload up to three (3) files as supporting evidence. These files could include screenshots, videos, a receipt, or any other relevant information.

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Communication Process

Once a claim is opened, you as a merchant will receive a notification via email. The Resolution Center then serves as a communication hub where you and your customer can exchange information, clarify misunderstandings, and ideally, find a resolution. As a merchant, you can choose to accept the case, deny the case, or request more information from the customer. You can also upload up to three (3) files as supporting evidence in response to the customer.

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The Resolution Center offers a transparent timeline view of each case, showing all status changes and communications. You'll see any updates from the customer, yourself, or the Whop team, if applicable.

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Escalation to Whop

If a dispute isn't responded to within seven days, it will be automatically escalated to the Whop team for review. We will analyze the information provided by both parties and make a fair decision.

Appealing the Decision

Should either you or your customer disagree with Whop's decision, there's an option to appeal the decision. The case will then be escalated to a Whop team member for a final review.

Email Notifications

To keep you informed at every step, Whop will send email updates when a customer opens a dispute, replies to a request, or when a case status changes.


  1. How many cases can a customer open?

A customer can open a case for each payment they've made. For example, if a customer has made three payments, they can open three cases. However, only one case can be opened per payment. Once a case is closed and all appeals have been exhausted, the case cannot be reopened.

  1. Can a customer open a case for a payment that has already been refunded?

No, they cannot. If the payment has been refunded, the customer does not have a reason to open a case.

  1. Are all payments eligible for the Resolution Center?

Only fiat payments made through either Stripe or PayPal are eligible for the Resolution Center. Payments made with cryptocurrency or via Coinbase Commerce are not eligible since they are irreversible / non-refundable.

  1. What happens when Whop decides in favor of the customer?

Whop will either refund the customer on your behalf (which will be automatically processed) or decide to credit the customer with Whop Credits (which you do not incur a cost for). The result will be clearly communicated to your and the customer through the resolution center timeline for the case.

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