Payment FAQ

How can I reduce Stripe account shutdowns?

It is possible for Stripe to terminate or restrict accounts that have unusual payment activity or raise flags. The following practices can help reduce your chances of being shutdown

  1. Avoid taking in high payment volumes across a short time span

Especially if you are operating off a new Stripe account, Stripe will deem high payment volumes suspect of fraudulent activity. Slowly accepting payments and gradually increasing your payment volume over the course of a few weeks/months is recommended.

  1. Reduce disputes / chargebacks.

If a new account with only handful of payments receives a chargeback, your chargeback percentage will likely be very high. This can cause Stripe to immediately shut down your account. Try to ensure no customer chargeback on their payment, instead opting to refund someone back before they chargeback may be in your best interest.

  1. Write a clear product description or create a business landing page

Having a clear description of your product or services can give Stripe the information they need to verify your business is legitimate. A short or very vague description will raise questions on the validity of the products or services you are selling. In addition, creating a custom website that showcases your product can also prove the legitimacy of your products.

While Whop can give advice on how to navigate these situations, we have no control over Stripe’s decisions to close or restrict your accounts.

How do product restrictions and recharging payments work when a failed subscription payment occurs?

When a failed payment occurs for a subscription, by default the subscription for the user will remain active as Stripe attempts to recharge the failed renewal payment. For Discord communities, the customer will continue to have access to your server with the given role. For Software, the customer will continue to have access to your application using their license key or web app.

Stripe will follow its standard ‘Smart Retry’ timeline, which is 4 charge reattempts over the span of ~1 week. If a ‘Smart Retry’ is successful, the user subscription will continue like normal. If the ‘Smart Retries’ is unsuccessful, access to the perks will be terminated.

If you would not like the customer to have access to these perks while Stripe runs its ‘Smart Retry’ system you can disable this by going to Settings, then the Checkout tab and toggling off ‘Access while past due’.

Past Due Toggle Off

Please note that toggling off ‘Access while past due’ will run a cancellation action on any past due subscriptions.

If you would like to customize the schedule and the number of payment retries of ‘Smart Retries’ you can adjust your settings on Stripe here. Please note that you can only do this if you are using Stripe Standard.

How can I issue a refund to a customer?

In order to refund a payment, simply navigate to the Payments page, find and click on ‘’ icon next to the payment you want to refund. From there you will have an option to either partially refund the payment or fully refund (default). Simply click Confirm and the payment is automatically refunded.

Refunding customer

Please note you cannot refund a payment if:

  1. The payment is already refunded
  2. The payment has failed
  3. If it is a Crypto payment
  4. If it is a cancelled subscription payment

Can I customize the frequency of my Stripe payout?

Yes, you can customize the frequency you are automatically paid out. By default Stripe has a processing time of up to a 7-day period. To customize, simply go to the Settings tab, select Billing and if your Stripe is connected you can select the ‘Automatic payout frequency toggle’ and choose the frequency. In addition, you can change the day you are paid out with the subsequent toggle.

Payout Frquency

Can my customers upgrade their pricing option?

Yes! You can enable your product to be upgradable from the product settings. If this is enabled, users will be able to upgrade their membership in their orders. They will be able to upgrade to any visible pricing options that have a longer billing period.

How can I offer my customers a promo code when they try and cancel?

When setting up your pricing option, scroll down on the first tab and select "Offer discount before cancels". Go ahead and input your desired promo code. Upon the user cancelling from their orders, we will offer them the discount to stay. If they accept, they will be charged the discounted price and the subscription will continue. If they decline, the subscription will be cancelled. If the subscription already has a promo code applied, we will not offer the discount.