Merchant of Record

Save resources and offload operational work.

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Whop is a merchant of record (MoR). A merchant of record is a term used to describe the legal entity selling goods or services to an end customer. When a customer makes a purchase, all handling of payments and responsibility for all things relating to that purchase, falls on the Merchant of Record. This means that the collecting of sales tax, processing of refunds, honoring chargebacks, complying with local consumer law, and ensuring PCI compliance is all handled by Whop.

Hosting your digital products on Whop, the reduction of operational headaches is of our upmost priority. We handle the liability so you can focus on selling and improving your digital products.

Setting Whop up as a MoR

If you have not signed up for a company on Whop yet, please start that process here.

Once you have finished creating the basics of your company, simply select ‘Get started’ and ‘Add payment method’. This will open a pop-up modal where you can choose your country and choose if you want Whop to be your MoR or not.

Merchant of record flow

If you are interested in learning about our associated fees for being an MoR please go here.