Whop Biz Guides

Setting up a ETH payment gateway

Setting up a ETH payment gateway to receive ETH onetime payments and WETH renewal payments Step 1: Navigate to the Settings page on your Whop dash and head over to the Billing section

Step 2: Select the wallet you wish to use to deploy the ETH payment gateway
The wallet you select here will be used to pay a small gas fee associated with deploying the payment gateway contract and will become the owner address.
You will see a signature request that is prompted only to verify that you are the wallet's owner and connect it to your Whop dash.
Step 3: Deploy the Ethereum Gateway
Select "Deploy gateway", this will trigger a transaction to launch your payment gateway. Confirm to initialize the deployment of your payment gateway
4. Verifying the transaction
Whop will now verify your transaction. Do not leave the settings page your screen will update automatically
Step 5: Payment Gateway Activated
After a couple minutes you will receive an email to the address associated with your Whop account stating that your payment gateway is now connected.
It should take up to 10 minutes, sometimes longer depending on how busy the network is, for you to receive this email after completing step 4.
Once you have received the email you should now be able to go to the billing tab in your settings and connect a wallet to withdrawal.