Whop Dashboard

Failed Payments

Retry past-due payments.


​Payments will always fit into one of three categories...
  • Paid: The member successfully paid
  • Refunded: The member successfully paid, but you refunded the payment
  • Past due: The member attempted to pay, but the payment failed

Retry Failed Payments

Failed payments usually occur when a member's credit/debit card gets declined. To retry all failed payments, go to your Payments page and change the payment status to "Past Due". Next, click the "..." button on the top right of the page and select "Retry All Payments". Whop will try to charge each member using their current payment method. If successful, the payment status of the payment will change to "Paid." If it fails again, we will send an automatic email to the member notifying them of the failed payment and prompting them to update their payment method.