Create and Manage Release links
The Links Page
Release links have one fundamental use: people can’t guess the link before you post it. If you’re looking to release a pass on a custom URL and set a stock level unique to that link alone, release links are for you.
View all of your created release links in the main table on the Links page. Each Release link will display the corresponding pass, price, password, active users, and stock. Select the paperclip icon to copy a release link to your clipboard.
Action Options:
Clicking on the three dots to the right of a given release link opens the Action Options dropdown. Below is a brief breakdown of each action option businesses can execute for live release links:
  • Quick edit: Change the stock, password, and whitelisted IDs for your release link.
  • Edit Plan details: Edit the settings of the Plan tied to your release link.
  • Delete link: This makes the link unusable. Links with active users cannot be deleted.
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