Reward individuals for referring your product

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Whop affiliates, is a fantastic way to incentivise and reward individuals for referring your product to your network. Our system automatically handles payouts for your affiliates and provides them with a clean dashboard to find their unique links and view their earnings.

Affiliates types

On Whop, affiliates are split into two different types; individuals and customers. The individual affiliate type is made for making a single user a custom affiliate, where as, the customer affiliate type allows anyone who has purchased your product(s) to refer their friends.

Creating an affiliate

Creating an affiliate is easy peasy. Follow the steps below

  1. Navigate to the Affiliates tab and select ‘New affiliate
  2. Choose the type of affiliate you want to add
  3. Choose the associated product you want them to be an affiliate for.
  4. Customize the Reward type, % Payment, and Payment type (One-time or recurring)

Affiliates Setup

For Individual affiliates, you will also have to specify who the affiliate is based on either their; Whop username, Email, or Discord ID.

Editing and affiliate activity

Once you have launched your Affiliate(s), you can easily edit the details of any Affiliate. Simply select ‘Manage’ next to the affiliate you have made. In addition, you can select ‘View Activity’ in the top right of the Affiliates page to see all of the referrals and rewards that have occurred.

Affiliate FAQ

Where can my affiliate(s) find their links?

When you add someone as an affiliate, they receive an Email from Whop with their associated affiliate link. In addition, your Affiliates can navigate to their referral page through the your Orders here.

How are affiliate payments handled?

Affiliate payments are paid out automatically to the affiliates Whop balance. They can withdraw their funds through Tipalti. You can find a comprehensive guide here.

Are there affiliates for crypto?

At this current stage, there is no affiliate program for Crypto. We do enable individuals to use Affiliate links so you can track and manually pay out the individual. However, automated payouts are not done by Whop for crypto payments yet.