Creating release links
πŸ’‘ Sometimes a little surprise in the product URL is never a bad thing

Step 1: Create link

Release links have one fundamental use: people can’t guess the link before you post it. If you’re looking to release a product on a custom URL and set a stock level unique to that link alone, release links are for you.
Creating a release link is easy:
1. Select the product
2. Determine the stock
3. Elect to a randomly generated password or set your own, and whitelist both Discord and server ID's if you wish.
If done correctly, your release link should look something like this:
Again, it is important to note that the stock you set on the release link is independent from the stock you set on the products page. For instance, you could have a stock of zero on the actual product, but a stock of 10 on the release link, and there would be 10 units available for purchase on your release link.
After creating a release link, you’ll want to copy the URL and post it wherever you like. Subscriptions will be immediately available for purchase, and the purchase page will lock once the stock has been depleted.
Copy link