Creating custom fields
πŸ’‘ Sometimes it can be valuable to collect more information on your users when joining a waitlist or raffle, or even allow them to purchase out the gate but collect extra information to keep on file.

Step 1: Create a field

It’s time to ask some questions, let’s head over to this page and get your first question live. To get started click Create Field in the top right. Custom fields get assigned to a product so if you want to ask a user β€œWhat is your Twitter handle?”, you will assign the question to a product. After selecting the designated product, you can type out your question in the field name text box. Lastly, you can input a place holder if you’d like, for instance on the Twitter question we would put @whopio as the placeholder.
Two last options, first you can select whether you’d like the question to be required. Second, you can select whether or not the question is a yes or no answer. If you ask have you ever been in a Discord server before that would be a yes or no question you could ask.
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