User experience
This is what the customer will experience when purchasing a product from your comoany

Going to the product URL

Once you're ready to purchase a product that has crypto renewals turned on, your page will look something like this:
As you can see in this product, we will be purchasing a product that has a 0.01 ETH monthly renewal cost. When you're ready to continue, you'll click Purchase with Whop.
Your checkout screen will look like this:
At this point, you are confirming the product and amount you are purchasing is correct. Once you're ready to proceed you will click the Connect wallet button. Here you will select your wallet of choice (for this demo we will use MetaMask):
Your MetaMask signature should look like this. To clarify, this portion is a read-only signature. Whop is simply checking your wallet's balance.

Converting ETH to wETH

For the sake of this demo, we will assume the wallet you connect has 0 wETH. If your wallet has a sufficient amount of wETH, this portion will automatically be skipped.
In short, ETH does not support automatic renewals, but wETH (Wrapped Ethereum) does. Thus, you will need to convert some of your ETH to wETH. (if you're unfamiliar with how wETH works, you can learn more about it here. ETH and wETH can always be exchanged at a 1-to-1 rate.)
Once you've connected your wallet and are ready to convert to wETH, your screen should look like this:
By default, we recommend converting enough to wETH to cover 6 months of renewals. In this case that is 0.06 ETH (0.01 * 6). Your MetaMask conversion screen will look like this:
Once you're ready to proceed, you'll want to click Confirm.
Your screen will display a loading animation while it's processing:

Placing your order

All that's left to do is click the Place Order button. The placing order process can take anywhere from ~10-60 seconds depending on network congestion.
After your transaction is processed, you'll have full access to your product :)
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