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NFT Whitelist Wallet Collector

Replaces: Premint

A simple way to manage whitelists (Similar to Premint)

The idea of Premint is amazing, but in practice it's not all gravy. For starters, it costs 1ETH; it doesn't handle minting; and its raffles constantly get bot-ed. Whop to the rescue!
Sign up for FREE here - https://dash.whop.com/nft

Video tutorial

Why use Whop?

  1. 1.
    The Whop team comes from a sneaker-botting background which means we know how to bot things, but more so, we know how to stop bots.
  2. 2.
    Better whitelist raffles
    1. 1.
      Set up in under 2 min
    2. 2.
      Customize all aspects of your raffle
  3. 3.
    Add requirements to target certain users
    1. 1.
      Follow on Twitter
    2. 2.
      Join Discord
    3. 3.
      And more!
  4. 4.
    A more fun raffle experience for users
  5. 5.
    Raffle winners get automatically notified

Step 1: Create an account

Navigate to the Whop Business landing page here and click the Start for free button. You'll be prompted to login with your Discord account.
You can login to the dashboard at any time using your Discord oAuth to manage your NFT project.

Step 2: Start the onboarding process

Signing up is easy, all you need to do is input your project name, your Twitter, your category, and the country your project is based out of, and you're done! It should look something like this:

Set up your NFT access lists

It's time to set this puppy up! After signing up you'll be redirected to the dashboard. You'll want to start by clicking New in the top right and seeing the modal pop up. You will then click Premint Raffle. (see img below).

Now comes the fun part:

It's time to get this raffle live. Below we'll breakdown each card and all of the different features that live within:

Pre-mint info + Raffle icon

Here you can set the name of your pass (the giveaway name) and any description you'd like included. The description should not necessarily be your project description (we'll set that up later) but information regarding the mint so release date, price, quantity, etc. You will also set your raffle icon here, we recommend just uploading your project's logo. It Your screen should look something like this so far:

Your raffle settings

The most exciting part, the raffle settings! Here you can set the number of winners, end date, and whether or not you'd like to limit entries. This part is pretty self explanatory, here is our example:

Include Discord roles

This feature has mixed feelings across the industry, some projects love giving winners a whitelist role, and some just want to add addresses to their contract and have no Discord roles prior to the mint. If you want to give members who win your public raffle a Discord role in your server, you can set that up here. If turned on, when the winners are picked it will automatically add them to your Discord server + give them the role you selected during this setup process. Setup example:
(if you don't want to give out Discord roles to winners you can leave this portion toggled off)


Let's get into the juicy stuff. This is where you can set which actions you'd like users to complete before being able to enter your raffle. Some popular examples here are requiring users to following your projects Twitter, or be in your project's Discord server. Let's breakdown all of the options:
  • Customer must own NFT(s) in order to claim: If this is turned on, you'll be able to select which NFT(s) a user must own before being able to enter your allow list raffle.
  • Customer must follow on Twitter in order to claim: If this is turned on, you'll be able to add a Twitter account you'd like users entering your allow list raffle to have to follow first (via oauth).
  • Customer must be in Discord server in order to claim: Here you can add Discord server ID(s) that a user must be in to be able to enter your raffle.
    • If you're requiring users to be in a Discord, you'll want to copy the Discord invite link, open your company settings on Whop, click on Discord, and paste the invite link in the "DISCORD WAITING ROOM URL" section!
  • Only specific Discord IDs can get access: If you're only looking to allow a certain subset of users enter, one way you can lock it to only those users is by obtaining all of their Discord ID(s) and inputting them here.
  • Do not allow people in specific servers to get access: If you know of some bad eggs out there, or don't want users from a specific community being able to enter your raffle, you can add the Discord server ID(s) here you'd like to exclude from being able to enter.
  • Only specific wallets can purchase: If you'd only like certain people to be able to enter your raffle and you want to gate it by ownership of a wallet address, you can paste in a list of all of the wallet address(es) you'd like approved to enter and users will need to verify ownership of the wallet to enter.
  • Reject fresh Discord accounts: One of our more fun features is the ability to reject any Discord accounts that don't meet a certain age requirement.
Going off what we mentioned above about requiring users to follow a specific Twitter + be in a specific Discord server, your page should look something like this:
You can choose to turn on as many as you'd like or you can have none active. This section is fully customizable. We'll dive into how this looks on the users end shortly, we just have one card left!

Custom fields

Lasttttt, but not least, we need to collect some wallet addresses! By default with this shortcut, we turn the wallet collection question on. If the only piece of information you'd like to collect on your users is which wallet address they'd like whitelisted if they win the raffle, you don't need to do anything.
If you'd like to collect any other information from your users, you can add as many custom fields as you'd like here!

Time to get some raffle entries!

You did it, you're done, woooo!!! Now it's time to blast this link out. Based on the examples we gave above our page looks like this. If you're not logged in make sure to login so you can see the requirements to claim :).
Please reach out to us in our Discord server here with any questions or suggestions on how we can make this better! <3