Getting Started

Token-gate access to your digital products

Token Gate Preview

You can use NFTs on Whop to gate access to different digital products and experiences. Examples of these include; Discord roles for holding a certain NFT, content gated behind an NFT, access to exclusive software, and more.

Creating a token-gated product

To create a token-gated product, navigate to the ‘Products’ page and select ‘Create product’. Products in an NFT context determine what your NFT holders receive once they have verified their asset.

Once you have created your new product, click on ‘Add pricing option’ and select ‘Requirements’. Here you can check the ‘Customer must own a specific NFT’ box which will pull up a modal for you where you can customize how many NFTs someone must own to access your product, which contract (or collection) you are verifying, and much more.

NFT Product Creation

To finalize your token-gated product, simply include the perks your NFT holders receive and connect your Discord, to provide ‘Holder roles’, if you haven’t already.

Creating an NFT verification webhook.

An NFT verification webhook, is what pops ups in your Discord for holders to click and verify their assets with. To create an NFT verification webhook, navigate to the ‘Settings’ page and select the ‘Discord’ tab. Then select the channel you’d like the webhook to be sent to from the dropdown.

NFT Webhook

Verifying staked NFTs

To add a staked contract address, click the checkbox navigate to ‘Add missing contract’, then check ‘Add a staked contract address’, and paste in your staked contract address.

Verifying with Opensea

In addition to allowing your holders to verify via a wallet signature, we also enable users to verify their asset ownership through a unique code generated by Whop, and pasting the code in their Opensea bio. Holders select ‘Verify with Opensea’ after going to the NFT verification webhook in your server.

Tokengating FAQ

The Whop bot is not giving out the NFT roles, what is happening?

The most likely answer is that the Whop bot role is not higher than the role you want to assign, please move the Whop bot above the role you want holders to receive in the Discord role hierarchy.

How do I switch from to Whop?

If you are looking to make the switch, the process for swapping is easy. Make sure to follow the same instructions posted above. After you’ve finished the instructions above, all you need to do is remove all of the current roles your NFT holders have, remove the bot, and get your holders to re-verify with Whop.

What permissions do my holder grant Whop when they verify their assets?

When connecting a wallet to Whop, you are granting a read-only permission where we can interact with NFTs smart contracts to verify ownership. We can not initiate sending crypto or tokens out of your wallet. If you are uncomfortable using Whop, you can either verify your assets with Opensea or disconnect the site after connection.

How do my holders verify their NFTs with Whop?

Please watch our tutorial here.