Here, you'll find a collection of boilerplate code templates that can help you get started quickly with building applications using Whop's API. These templates are designed to save you time and effort by providing pre-written code for common tasks, such as authentication, data retrieval, and error handling. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out with Whop's API, these templates can help you build robust and efficient applications.

Next.js starter app

Deploy on Vercel | View on GitHub

Our Next.js boilerplate for Whop's API integration is a comprehensive solution for beginning to sell access to dynamic and performant web applications. This boilerplate is designed to showcase how to utilize the latest features from both version 12 and version 13 of Next.js.

The template uses all components of the Next.js ecosystem, including the new pages directory in v13, as well as using both server-side rendering as well as static generation of content.

Fully integrated Next.js application

View the demo | View the GitHub

This repository is a fork of Index Lab's ReadPilot application, but using Whop's OAuth and payment flow to gate access to the application. This is a fantastic example if you want to demo a live version of the checkout flow of Whop and see what it could look like in your application.