Software FAQ

Does Whop have any available templates to get me started?

All of our templates can be found on our software templates page.

Does Whop have any official SDKs?

We do! We offer a type-safe TypeScript/JavaScript SDK.

How can I integrate license keys on Whop?

You can read how to integrate license keys on our License Key FAQ page!

How long should the integration take?

This integration is a super easy process, and should only take an hour of focus - just add a callback to accept users from Whop & you're ready to go!

Do I need to alter my sign up flow?

No! You can think of this as adding an additional OAuth option, except you don't need to put this on your login page. Users who purchased from Whop will go directly to your site without needing to login again.

How do users who purchased via Whop sign in to use my product?

Users who purchase on Whop can always enter your application from their Whop orders with ease. The callback you added here makes this possible. Alternatively, if the user chooses to go directly to your website, because you will have their email, you can allow them to login as a normal user via magic link or password reset.

I am already using Stripe. Is it hard to switch?

Whop is not a replacement for Stripe - it's simply an additional distribution channel for your product. You can actually link your existing Stripe account to Whop in order to process payments on the same account!

What is it like to buy software on Whop?

After purchasing access to a software on Whop, users can navigate to their Whop orders to gain acess to your app.

Accessing Software