Migrating from Patreon

If you want to level up your community and unlock a more versatile way to run your online business switching from Patreon to Whop is one of the best choices. With Patreon charging 12%+ fees compared to Whop’s 3% fees, changing to Whop is worth the effort.

Whop offers 24/7 customer support for anyone looking to migrate from Patreon to our platform. Patreon owns your business and users, meaning there is no direct path to migrate your existing customers and subscriptions. We suggest your current customers cancel their memberships and set up a new subscription through your Whop product page for their next billing cycle.

That being said, we have some ways to make your life easier if you want to make the switch.

Signing up for Whop

To switch to Whop, you must signup for a Whop business. You can follow our documentation here on how to set up your company and product page.

Getting started

Announcing Whop to your Patreon

Now that you have signed up for your Whop account, it’s important to announce to your members that you’re changing your primary point of sale. That way, members can become affiliates, boost your product with reviews, and help you avoid Patreons high fees.

It’s important to note you do not need to close your Patreon. You will still collect revenue from your old members. But Patreon will still charge you their 13% fee.

Pro tip: Companies migrating from Patreon offers small discounts on their subscriptions to get members to switch to Whop. This will ensure all your members come over when the new month starts.

Message templates

We have attached some helpful message templates you can send your Patreons and announce on the platforms you operate on:

Hey guys, mini announcement!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll moving from Patreon to Whop! 

Whop is a platform similar to Patreon. However, they have cheaper fees and a ton more features - you will now be able to leave written reviews, become and affiliate & get paid for referring friends!

We will also be featured on their marketplace which we are super excited about and their infrastructure enables us to sell more than just Discord roles - including courses, software, and more!

To kick off the switch from Patreon, you can sign up on Whop here and save 5% off your sub by this promocode! Don’t worry everything will be the same with your Patreon sub, but we highly encourage you sign up to Whop when the next billing cycle starts.

Setting Whop as your point of sale

After launching on Whop, the last step is swapping out all of the funnels you send people to your Patreon link from, meaning websites, social bios, etc! This will ensure that all new sign-ups come through Whop and don't get charged 12%.