Whop NFT Auth
Minting on Whop FAQ
Can I claim some of my own passes for future giveaways etc?
Yes! All we need to know is before your mint how many passes the founding team would like to claim and which wallet address they should go to. All you'll have to do is pay for the gas to claim. The NFTs will be claimed at the end of your link, we will reserve the amount you want to claim for you.
What can I do if my project doesn't mint out?
If your project doesn't mint out for whatever reason you can either burn the remaining NFTs or you can claim them. You must pick before your mint goes live which route you'd like to take, though.
Can I upload my own TOS for my mint?
Yes! You can supply your own TOS and Privacy Policy if you'd like for your project's mint. This will be displayed on your minting page that your users will use.
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