Migrating from Launchpass

If you are looking to level-up your paid Discord experience and have new customers find your community through our marketplace, Whop is the platform for you. The process of switching from Launchpass is easy to do and worth the effort - with Launchpass charging ~2%+ more than Whop on each transaction.

Linking your Discord to Whop

  1. Sign up for a Whop business account to start your onboarding
  2. Navigate to your ‘Settings’ tab and select Discord from the navigation bar
  3. Click on ‘Get started’ and connect the server you’re currently selling access to your server

Connecting Discord

Connecting your Stripe

Once you have connect your Discord, there is nothing left for you to do on the Dashboard. Simply head over to your Stripe ‘Team member’ settings and add support@whop.com as an administrator to your Stripe account.

Transferring subscriptions and statistics

Now that your Stripe is connected to Whop, you’ll want to reach out to our team so we can facilitate the process of moving over all of your active subscriptions. Here are the next steps:

  1. Go to your Discord server and generate an invite link to invite for our team
  2. Upon our team joining your server, please grant them permissions to access channels and type messages.

You can track the progress of us migrating your customers and subscriptions on your Customer page.

  1. Once we have collected the required data please kick the Launchpass bot from your server so we can remove Launchpass’s fees and finalize your customers subscriptions. We will let you know when to do this.
  2. Important - Announce the transfer to your community and shut down the other dashboard to avoid any confusion.


Without any downtime, the customer subscriptions that were previously on Launchpass have been transferred to Whop, and customers will not notice any difference other than the platform they use to access and manage their membership.

Additional note:

With the import being complete and the Launchpass bot removed from your Discord server, your customers will receive an additional email from Launchpass which they can disregard, as it does not mean anything.