Migrating from Gumroad

Whop matches almost all of the features Gumroad offers with some added bonus features for you to use to grow your online business. The switch is definitely worth it with Gumroad charging 10% fees on each transaction, more than double our take-rate.

Whop offers 24/7 customer support for users looking to migrate their products and customers from Gumroad. Gumroad does not make the process as direct as we would like so instead we suggest that your existing customers cancel their subscriptions and set up a new subscription through your Whop product page for their next billing cycle.

That being said we do have some ways to make your life easier if you are looking to make the switch.

Exporting your customer list

Once you have signed up for your Whop account, head over to Gumroads ‘Audience’ tab. Once there you will find the Export button in the top right of the screen. From here you will be able to download a CSV file of all of your customers.

Guroad Audience Export

Once done, simply head over to either our support Discord and open a ticket to send us the file or send us the CSV via Email at support@whop.com and we will import your audience for you. This process should take less than 12 hours and we will notify you as soon as it’s done.

Although, we plan to revamp this process as soon as possible, there is currently no way to automatically import the following data from Gumroad;

  • Product Descriptions
  • Media
  • Files

We highly suggest that you add the above information as soon as your import is ready.