Whop Business FAQ
Adding team members
You can easily add other owners, administrators, moderators, and support staff to your dashboard for shared access to your company's dashboard.
On the Team tab in the settings page, click the "Add Authorized User" button.
You will be prompted to enter the desired member's email address and role on the pop up modal. If the user does not already have an account, they can register for one for free at https://whop.com/?login=true. If you use Discord oAuth for login on Whop, you can find your account's registered email address at https://whop.com/account.
The three roles available to grant are:
  • Owner: Has all permissions.
  • Admin: Cannot view Stats, Payments, or NFT mints, and cannot change company settings
  • Moderator: View-only access to Links, Affiliates, Raffles, Waitlists, and Promo codes. All other pages are restricted.
Once you add them as an authorized user, they will be able to login @ https://business.whop.com/dashboard to access the dashboard.
Access can be revoked at any time by hitting the trash can icon in the table next to the user's role.
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