Whop Business FAQ
Reducing Stripe account shutdowns
Sometimes Stripe will terminate or restrict accounts that raise certain flags or have unusual payment activity. The following practices can help reduce your chances of being shutdown:
  • Don't take in a high payment volume in a short span of time.
    • Especially if your account is new, Stripe will deem high payment volumes suspect of fraudulent activity. Slowly accept payments and then increase your payments volume over the course of a few weeks/months.
  • Reduce chargebacks
    • If a new account with only a handful of payments receives a chargeback, your chargeback percentage will likely be very high. This can cause stripe to immediately shut down your account. Try to ensure no customers chargeback on a payment, instead opting to refund someone before they chargeback if there is an issue.
  • Write a clear product description or create a business landing page
    • A clear description of your products or services can give Stripe the information they need to verify your business is legitimate. A short or very vague description will raise questions on the validity of the products or services you are selling. Also, creating a custom website that showcases your product can also prove the legitimacy of your products.
While Whop can give advice on how to navigate these situations, we have no control over Stripe's decisions to close or restrict accounts.
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