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Customer VAT IDs
The dashboard supports collecting VAT IDs from customers, either before or after checkout.
The VAT will be added to the Stripe customer, and will be made available on invoices as well as the payments tab CSV export.
Note: If you want to collect VAT tax (exclusive or inclusive) on payments, you'll need to enable automatic tax collection on your Stripe dashboard settings. Otherwise, no VAT tax will be charged or reflected on invoices.

Enabling VAT ID Collection

Navigate to the settings page -> Click legal -> Toggle on/off the "Allow customers VAT ID submission.
As seen in the image you will see the "Allow customer VAT ID submission" toggle. You will need to switch this to the on position if you'd like to collect VAT IDs.

Checkout Collection

With the setting enabled, customers will be prompted to enter their VAT ID on the checkout screen under the Optional info section. If the customer has already associated a VAT ID on a previous purchase through the Whop ecosystem, the option will not show.
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