Whop Business FAQ


This space will help answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

What are the payment fees?

How do I transfer my existing subscriptions?

Can I connect a custom domain to Whop?

How do I get key update Discord webhooks in my server?

How do crypto payments work?

What is the difference between Stripe and Stripe Connect?

Do I get paid to switch from another platform?

Why are my users unable to purchase?

How do I prevent Stripe account shutdowns?

How do I get a custom embed video preview?

What does the past due valid toggle do?

How long does it take for payments to show in my Stripe Express dashboard?

How do I setup an NFT whitelist raffle?

How do I add free days to a user's subscription?

How do I collect VAT IDs from customers?

How do I add team members to the dashboard?