Dashe rentals are unique because the bot uses an email and password system for authentication.

In the key field for the rental on your active rentals page, you will see the Dashe login in the format email:password.

During the rental period you can manage your rental and reset the instance activation yourself using the Dashe website login.

The Dashe web dashboard login can be found here: https://dashe.io/sign-in

Once you login with the credentials provided on your Whop active rentals page, you can manage a few things on the website.

Available actions include joining the Dashe Discord for the duration of your rental, downloading the Windows or macOS version of the bot, changing the password for the rental so no one else has access, and seeing the details of the key.

No Available Instance Issue

If you get this message when you login to the provided Dashe account inside of the bot, there are two steps you need to complete in order to make this message go away.

  1. Go to the Dashe web dashboard and change the password to the account to something unique. Make sure to save this somewhere so you remember it for the duration of your rental.

  2. Click the red deactivate button on the Dashe web dashboard and wait 1-2 minutes before trying to login inside the bot again.

Make sure you are logging in to the bot with the new password you created. Otherwise, the credentials will not work.

Important Notes:

  • Please do not cancel or otherwise modify the seller's Dashe subscription. If it is tampered with you will be banned from Whop.

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