Testing your proxies can be an important indicator of whether or not they are ready to be used on a release. Some bots have built in proxy testers while others do not.

*Important to Note: Testing your proxies DOES use data and will reduce the amount of data on your plan. Testing repeatedly can also cause proxies to be banned or throttled. Speeds and proxy status can and will vary at release times.

If you want to test your proxies we recommend using the free FOGLDN tester, available for Windows and macOS. You can download it here: https://www.fogldn.com/proxy-tester/

Once you have downloaded and installed FOGLDN, enter the url for the desired site you want to test to. For this example we are going to use the apple.com website

Then click the "Import Proxies" button and submit your Whop proxies list you generated.

Then click the "Test Proxies" button and FOGLDN will begin testing the ips.

Once complete the program will display "OK" with the ping speed in milliseconds or "FAILED". This example says failed because the proxies are fake.

An alternative method of testing includes creating fake profile information and running a few tasks in your bot on an in-stock product. If the task gets to a "payment declined" or similar status that means your proxies are working.

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