On the Whop residential plan you can generate as many proxies/proxy lists as you would like!

Once you have purchased a plan, navigate to this page: https://whop.io/proxies/dashboard

On the right side of the proxy dashboard you will see the generation tool. From here you can select increments of 100, 250, 500, or 1000 proxies to preselect. However, you can generate up to 5000 proxies at a time by entering the desired number into the "Number of Proxies" text box.

Using the country selector drop down you can choose from 45+ different countries to generate ips from. There is a search box in the drop down that you can use to find your country of choice easily.

Lastly is the static or rotating drop down selector. In almost all cases you will want to select "Static," but the option is there in case it is needed.

Click the green generate button and your proxy list should appear almost instantly.

From here you can either select the proxies yourself using your cursor and copy to the clipboard, or you can use the green "Copy to Clipboard" button to automatically copy the entire list.

Now you are good to paste the proxy list in your bot of choice! 🚀

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