Being a Buyer:

Select a bot, set your duration, and buy now instantly at the lowest ask for your desired time period ⏰

All keys go live the night before your rental start date at 5 PM EST, giving you adequate amounts of time to set up your bot. Buyers can easily request key resets right from their dashboard 🌩ī¸

Have any issues with your rental? All rentals are ensured by our Whop Escrow system, which leaves no room for any funny business 💰

Buying rentals has never been easier ✅

Being a Seller:

Finding buyers sucks. Whop fixes that issue. Become a verified seller, add your bots, select your default price, add surge prices, block out certain dates, set weekly/monthly discounts, make money in your sleep 😴

The only job as a seller after listing your bots is to reset your keys before new rentals, and whenever a buyer requests a key reset đŸ’ģ

Seller fees start at 25% and can go as low as 15% based on your seller volume 🙉

Rent. Get paid. Repeat 🤝

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