If you are using a Windows server on a cloud platform like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Vultur, or similar, you may encounter a problem with your key constantly deactivating. If you stop and start or server, or restart your server, the ip address of the virtual machine will change. Most bots use ip addresses to authenticate the software, which means your bot rental will be locked on the old ip address and not recognize the new one.

There is a simple fix for this problem. Simply head over to your Whop active rental dashboard here, and click on the red "Request key reset" button. Once your seller fulfills the request or the automatic reset is complete, you will be able to activate the bot on your server again.

Best practice is to leave the server you created running for the duration of your rental period as to not require multiple key resets. This will allow you to maximize the amount of time you use the bot during the rental period. For automatic key reset bots, this is not an issue as you can reset whenever you want and however many times you want.

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