Whop has systems in place to ensure the security of both buyers and sellers on our platform. In some cases, we are prompted to suspend users, disabling them from completing future sales or purchases on Whop.

Below are possible reasons for why your account may have been suspended:

  1. Your linked Twitter or Discord account did not meet the activity and authenticity standards required by our vetting process.

  2. https://snkrep.com/ has your Discord account flagged

    1. Enter your Discord ID on the site to see why it was flagged. A sneaker community server/marketplace may have reported you to the site.

  3. You flaked or cancelled on more than 2 sales.

  4. You charged-back or disputed a purchase you made on Whop.

  5. You were reported as a know scammer by another member or third party.

  6. You left the Whop discord, which prevents the Whop bot from sending you important messages.

    1. Joining back will automatically unsuspended your account.

  7. A member of the Whop team initiated the suspension at their own discretion.

If you believe the suspension was made in error, please reach out to our term via support chat and we can take a look.

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