Whether you need to change servers or update your bots, keys can randomly get reset. This guide will walk you through how to get your key reset asap!

How to request a reset:

  1. Head over to your active rentals page here.

  2. Once on the page, you will see a button called Request key reset.

  3. Upon clicking this button, the seller of your rental will automatically be notified to reset your key.

  4. To confirm your outstanding key reset was submitted properly, your button should now read Cancel Reset Request.

  5. This confirms your key reset has been requested properly and is now in the hand's of the seller to act on.

    1. If for any reason the key reset request was a mistake, you can cancel your request by clicking Cancel Reset Request.

Tips for buyers requesting resets:

  • We recommend anticipating a 2-4 hour delay in key reset requests.

  • It is not recommended to reset close to a release time unless you require it.

  • Key resets submitted during the hours of 12 AM EST - 7 AM EST may be subject to a delay as sellers can be asleep during those hours.

  • We recommend limiting your key resets as much as possible. It is tough to anticipate your seller being by their computer at all times. It should only be requested when it is required.

  • Feel free to reach out to our support team for help if you've had an outstanding key reset for MORE than 4 hours.

What's next?

Requesting resets is a vital part of a bot rental, so if at any point you have any suggestions or feedback for ways to enhance this process feel free to reach out!

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