Migrating from a custom dashboard

Having migrated more than 500+ companies from third-party platforms and custom set-ups, moving your company to Whop is a seamless process with zero downtime or issues.

Unlocking comprehensive features such as reviews, affiliates, crypto payments, and the ability to sell your product to over 1M+ entrepreneurs through our marketplace - the switch is well worth your while.

Signing up for Whop

If you haven’t already started launching your business on Whop, we recommend starting with our company guide and coming back once you have done the initial steps.

Creating your company

Connecting your product

Once you have finalized the initial onboarding steps, it’s time to connect your product. Depending on the product you are selling, please either go to our Telegram or Discord guides.

Linking your Stripe keys

Now that you have connected your product, you must connect your pre-existing Stripe account.

Due to this, it’s as simple as:

  1. Going to the Billing settings on your dashboard here.
  2. Selecting the country your business resides in from the drop-down
  3. Click “or use your existing API keys.”
  4. Go to the API keys page on your Stripe dashboard here.
  5. Copy your publishable and secret key and past it into your Whop dashboard
  6. Click “Continue with keys.”

Doing this will link your existing Stripe account to Whop. You can follow along with our video tutorial here as well.

Asking for an export

Now that you have linked your Stripe keys to Whop and connected your Discord, you must contact your current dashboard and ask for an export. We will require the following information about each customer:

  • Email
  • Discord ID
  • Subscription ID
  • Customer ID

Please note free and lifetime licenses do not need a Stripe subscription ID. If you cannot provide all of the information, do not worry. You can reach out to our team, and we will help you.

Final steps

Once we have used the information above to recreate your subscriptions, the final step will be removing any third-party bots you previously used when with another platform. To do this, kick the bot from your server.

Additionally, you must disregard any cancellation email that the custom dashboard sends you and that you announce the transfer and shut down from the other dashboard to avoid any confusion.