Manage waitlists for your passes
The Waitlists Page
Waitlists can give users the opportunity to purchase a Pass. This is a great way to keep demand high for your Passes while limiting access however you see fit. Users will enter their payment information upon joining the waitlist, so when they are accepted off they will automatically be charged and receive access to the Pass. My Waitlists Any active waitlist will populate under the Live tab with the designated Pass and Plan listed. These are still accepting entries, which can then be approved or rejected at the owners discretion. The #admitted stat represents the number of users accepted off the waitlist, and the #entries stat represents the number of users currently on the waitlist (?). Waitlists that are no longer running will be moved to the Archived tab, where you will still be able view past entries for record keeping. Note: Keep track of the #admitted and #entries stat to make sure users are getting off your waitlist! Actions
Live Waitlist Dropdown
Clicking on the three dots to the right of an active waitlist will open the Live Waitlist Dropdown. The menu provides two action options for Live Waitlists:
  • Edit Waitlist: Alter the settings for your waitlist. This will be explained in greater detail on the next document.
  • Archive Waitlist: Archiving a waitlist immediately removes it from your checkout page. No entries will be accepted off the waitlist, but they will remain tied to it in case you would like to make the waitlist live again.
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