Whop Dashboard
Shortcuts allow businesses to easily sell access to a new Experience! Selecting any of the templates in the table above will create a new Experience with a corresponding Pass and payment Plan.
Pass Templates Each Pass template represents a different Experience type. Below is a brief overview of each type:
  • Discord Roles: Grant access and assign roles to private discord servers
  • Software: Provide gated access to your software using license keys
  • NFT verify discord: grant Discord access and assign roles to holders of an NFT collection
  • Whitelist Raffle: Raffle off Whitelist spots for an NFT mint
  • Raffle: Raffle off exclusive access to a pass or experience
  • Waitlist: Create a waitlist for one of your passes
  • Content: Publish engaging, exclusive multimedia content for your users
  • Mint an NFT collection: Mint an manage any ERC-721/1155 NFT collection with no coding needed
Create a Pass from Scratch Create a fresh pass using any of your existing experiences by selecting the Create a Pass from Scratch option at the bottom of the pass creation modal.
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